Innovative MicroPUMPS for infusion and injection biomedical devices

Innovative and SMARt micropumps

This website presents innovative and smart MicroPUMPS developped at IMEP-Lahc, a research institute in the Minatec Innovation Campus, Grenoble, France. Our MicroPUMPS are specifically designed for the infusion and the injection of biomolecules and drugs. In contrast with the most current technologies, we have developped an original bimetallic MEMS pump. It relies on a very simple MEMS based technology. We have also developped the first MEMS micropump for medical injection, and the first smart micropump that includes a variety of sensors such as temperature, pressure and flow sensors.

PhD Defense: 'Sensors for MicroPUMPS', Arnaud Salette

Arnaud Salette has just defended his thesis:

'Sensors for MicroPumps'

On monday November 26th, 13h30
at PHELMA-Polygone, P005, 23 rue des Martyrs, 38016 Grenoble, France

President: M. Fabrizio PIRRI, Professor at Polytechnico di Torino (Italy)
Reviewer: Mme. Isabelle DUFOUR, Professor at IMS Bordeaux (France)
Reviewer: M. Vincent SENEZ, Senior Researcher at IEMN Lille (France)
Member: M. Stéphane RENARD, Founder of Tronics Microsystems (France)
Director: Mme. Panagiota MORFOULI, Professor at Grenoble INP (France)
Supervisor: M. Laurent MONTES, Associate Professor at Grenoble INP (France)
Invited: M. Christophe DEHAN, R&D director at EVEON (France)
Invited: M. Eric COLINET, Apix Technologies (France)

Integrated Sensors in MicroPumps
              for BioMedical Applications

Injection Medical Devices are more and more developed. New devices bring innovations in terms of performances and use for classical syringes. We have developed a bio-inspired device including sensors, a micropump, a reservoir and a needle. This automatic injection can be microliter precise with a small loss of medical liquid thanks to microfabrication techniques used for microsystems. Indeed, a silicon membrane micropump integrating sensors was fabricated with processes inherited from microelectronics and MEMS.

Two actuation types were studied: an integrated bimetallic actuator and an external piezoelectric actuator. In the case of the bimetallic actuator, thermo-resistances were designed, fabricated and characterized, allowing for the first measurement of the thermal profile within the thermal actuated membrane during the actuation. In the case of external actuation, piezoresistances were integrated in the membrane, along the radial axis to control the mechanica stress, and to provide possible feedback to the actuation as a function of the pressure and allowing for a maximization of the pumping characteristics.

To ensure that the dose of medicine is precisely delivered, a flow rate sensor was integrated in the microfluidic channels of the micropump. This innovative sensor can detect liquid flow rate in a range specified for injection medical devices, namely flow rates from 0.5mL/min to 4mL/min.

Keywords: Smart sensors, Pressure sensor, Temperature sensor, Flow sensor, MicroPump, Medical application, secure injection, power management, MEMS, modeling, simulation, clean room, packaging, heterogeneous integration.


More info:info@micropumps.fr

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