Innovative MicroPUMPS for infusion and injection biomedical devices

Innovative and SMARt micropumps

This website presents innovative and smart MicroPUMPS developped at IMEP-Lahc, a research institute in the Minatec Innovation Campus, Grenoble, France. Our MicroPUMPS are specifically designed for the infusion and the injection of biomolecules and drugs. In contrast with the most current technologies, we have developped an original bimetallic MEMS pump. It relies on a very simple MEMS based technology. We have also developped the first MEMS micropump for medical injection, and the first smart micropump that includes a variety of sensors such as temperature, pressure and flow sensors.

MicroPumps for BioMedical Applications: from infusion to injection devices

Our very innovative microPUMPS are well appropriate for infusion (drug delivery), but also for injection devices that require larger counter-pressure, and higher flow rates. We have developped the very first MEMS injection microPUMPS that include a variety of sensors such as temperature, pressure and flow sensors, allowing for very precise measurement and monitoring of the microPUMPS functionning, thus ensuring both reliability, actuation optimization and safe use. The MEMS technology use ensures mass production capabilities, low cost, reliability and reproductive and controled characteristics.


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